Bulgaria TV Online Channels

In Bulgaria, television broadcasted live for the first time in 1959 but there were made several experiments in this area since 1954. The Ministry of Communications took the decision to build a tower in Sofia. In 1959 the first television station began to broadcast. The channel stopped its transmission in 1960. By the same year they started new experiments to introduce the color television. It was launched a new channel called Bulgarian Television or simply BT. Its programming was totally controlled by the government. The color television was introduced in 1972. In 1974, it was launched the second television station, BT2. In 1989 the two channels were renamed, BT 1 became Kanal 1 and BT 2 became Efir 2. In 2008, the first channel was renamed again to BNT 1. In 2011, the second channel was renamed as BNT 2. Satellite television was introduced in 1998 as MSAT channel was established.
  1. BNT 1 began broadcasting live on 26 December 1959. It was initially known as Bulgarian Television, [...]
  2. BNT 2 started broadcasting live in 1974. It is owned and operated by bulgarian National Television. [...]
  3. BNT World is owned and operated by Bulgarian National Television. It is the brother of BNT 1 and BNT [...]
  4. bTV transmitted live for the first time on 1 June 2000, using the transmitters of BNT. It is the [...]
  5. City TV is a Bulgarian music television station and began broadcasting live on 1 October 2005. City [...]
  6. Diema Family live broadcasts are dedicated to the entire family. It is part of Nova Broadcasting [...]
  7. Diema TV went live in 1999. It is owned and operated by Nova Television Group Bulgaria, a [...]
  8. EBF is the first live exclusively business channel in Bulgaria. The scheduled programs cover all [...]
  9. FAN TV started its live transmission in 2003. The schedule consists of music videos, interviews, [...]
  10. Kino Nova started its live transmission in 2003 as Diema 2, the second channel of the Diema Vision [...]
  11. Mad TV started its live transmission on 1 December 2006. The channel is targeted to the young [...]
  12. Nova TV is the first Bulgarian commercial channel and was launched on 16 July 1994. It broadcasted [...]
  13. SKAT TV is ownen and operated by the Bulgarian cable television company with the same name. The [...]
  14. The Voice TV started its live transmission in 2006. It was formerly known as Veselina TV until it [...]
  15. Tiankov TV was launched live on 1 June 2007. The programs support and promote the Bulgarian folk, [...]
  16. TV Evropa was the first news channel in Bulgaria and began its live transmission on 14 April 2001. [...]
  17. TV Rodina live transmission consists of music videos and informational programs. A big part of the [...]
  18. TV7 live broadcast began in November 2005. The channel was acquired by Bulgaria Media Holdings GmbH [...]

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