Brazil TV Online Channels

Television started to broadcast in 1950 as TV Tupi was launched. At the begging, TV sets were pretty expensive and not everybody had access to television broadcast. During this period there were established news programs and soap operas. The military offered many advantages and possibilities to citizens because they wanted everybody to watch TV channels. The programming had the purpose to improve the economy and to protect the political information. In 1970, the Brazilian television was encouraged to develop more productions and to give up to foreign programs. By the same year the main programming consisted of soap operas; these were transmitted by the main TV channels from the country, Globo and Tupi TV. Cable television services were introduced in 1995 but here are few people who this services to access TV channels. The main TV channels started to broadcast high definition television in 2007. TV stations are also available via satellite television services and IPTV.
  1. Agromix live programming is dedicated to farmers, ranchers throughout Brazil. It consists of [...]

  2. AllTV began its regular live transmission on 6 May 2002. It was founded by the journalist Alberto [...]
  3. Amazon Sat broadcasted live for the first time in 1988. Its programs are focused on the Amazon [...]

  4. Aperipe TV started its online presence on 31 January 1985. The broadcast is dedicated to the state [...]
  5. ARTV is owned and operated by the Redivo Angelo Foundation. The channel is available terrestrial [...]

  6. Band News TV started its live transmission on 19 March 2001. The channel is owned and operated by [...]
  7. Band TV is owned and operated by Grupo Bandeirante de Comunicacao. The channel features a general [...]
  8. Boa Vontade TV started its live broadcasts in 2000. Boa Vontade stand for Good Will in English. The [...]
  9. Canal Assembleia Bahia is operated by the Paul Jackson Foundation. Its purpose is to promote and [...]
  10. Canal Do Boi went live in 1995. The channel is owned and operated by Sistem Brasilieiro do [...]

  11. Canal Rural broadcasts live from Porto Alegre. The channel is owned and operated by Grupo RBS. [...]

  12. Canal Saude went live in December 2010. The channel is owned and operated by the Oswaldo Cruz [...]

  13. Canal Universitario de Vitoria went live in February 2001. It is available on NET cabl, channel 12 [...]
  14. Cancao Nova began broadcasting live for the first time on8 December 1989. The channel is owned [...]

  15. ClicTV is an interactive web television channel. Most of the broadcasted programs are own [...]
  16. Esporte Interativo began its live broadcast on 20 January 2007. The channel was founded by Top [...]
  17. Faap TV is owned and operated by the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, a philanthropic [...]
  18. Furb TV programs are aimed to promote and support democratizing knowledge and to encourage citizens [...]
  19. Globo News began its live transmission on 15 October 1996 thanks to the journalist Mary Alice. [...]

  20. GNT began its live transmission in 1991 as a news and information channel. The name stands for [...]

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