Belgium TV Online Channels

Television in Belgium began to broadcast live in 1953. Radio-Television Belgium was the public broadcaster until 1977. By the same year it was separated in VRT, RTBF and BRF. Until today, these are the main public television broadcasters in Belgium. TV channels are available via cable service, satellite and terrestrial television, ADSL and IPTV. Besides the Belgium channels there are available other foreign television stations from other European countries. More than 90% of the Belgium population enjoy watching TV channels through cable services. The biggest cable network providers are Telenet, Numericable and Voo.
  1. 2BE is owned and operated by Vlaamse Media Maatschappij. The channel was founded in 1995. It was [...]
  2. AB3 was launched live on 6 October 2001. The TV channel was formerly known as Young TV since August [...]
  3. Antenne Centre Television started it live broadcast on 18 December 1982. The schedule programs are [...]
  4. ATV live broadcast is dedicated to the city of Antwerp and the surroundings. It includes cities like [...]
  5. Canvas started its live transmission on 1 December 1997. The channel was established and is being [...]
  6. Een is a dutch language television channel available live since 1953. It is owned by the public [...]
  7. The Jewish News One TV channel went online on 21 September 2011. It is an independent non- [...]

  8. JIM TV was launched live on 1 April 2001. The channel is being owned and operated by Vlaamse Media [...]
  9. Kanaal Z is a French language channel launched live on 1 February 1999. The broadcast is entirely [...]
  10. La Deux is the second national television station in Belgium. It is owned and run by RTBF. It began [...]
  11. La Trois went live on 30 November 2007. It is the third national channel of the national broadcaster [...]
  12. La Une went officially live on 31 October 1953, after 4 months of experimental broadcasts. The [...]
  13. Plug RTL was launched live on 13 February 2004 as Plug TV. The channel is owned by the RTL Group [...]
  14. ROB TV was established in 15 November 1993. It is a regional TV channel for the Leuven district, in [...]
  15. RTC Tele Liege is a local television channel that broadcasts by cable in the districts of Liege, Huy [...]
  16. RTL TVI is owned and operated by RTL Group. The live broadcast began on 12 September 1987. The [...]
  17. Telesambre is a regional television station for the region Charleroi and southern Hainaut. It is [...]

  18. Televesdre was founded in December 1988. It is a regional channel for the Verviers district, in the [...]
  19. TV Oost live broadcast is dedicated to the region of East Flanders. It mainly covers the cities of [...]
  20. TV5 MONDE was formerly known as TV5. It broadcasts several French language channels like TV5 Monde [...]
  21. TVL went live in 1994. The channel is owned and operates by the Concentra media group, founded in [...]
  22. Vitaya was launched live on 25 August 2000. The channel was founded by Media Ad Infinitum but was [...]
  23. VT4 is a Flemish commercial television station, part of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG. It began its [...]
  24. vtm started its live broadcast in 1989. It increased shortly its popularity in Flanders, the Dutch [...]

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