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Last updated on October 30, 2012

Armenia 1 went live on 29 November 1956 as the first public television station of Armenia. It switched to color transmission from the 1st of May 1973. At the beginning, only important events were broadcasted in color. The programs were broadcasted in the Russian language until 1 January 2005. Form this date on, according to the law on television and radio of Armenia all public stations have to use the Armenian language for the transmissions. For more details on the channel, Armenia 1 online broadcast or specific details such as tv shows, schedules or vod please check the official website. The TV online programming includes shows and programmes like Longing, Special Report, On the Arena, Court Time, WitnessHaylur, Sunday Haylur, Bon Apetit, Top 10, Rubicon, Armenian Knight, Chess 64, Armenian Extreme. Armenia 1 online stream is aired live from Yerevan.

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