Armenia TV Online Channels

In Armenia, the public television started to broadcast in 1956. By the same year the first live program was transmitted but regular programming began to broadcast only in 1957. The color television was introduced in 1973. Since Armenia declared its independence in 1991, television was based on freedom of speech. This was followed by an economic crisis which significantly reduced the television audience. In 1996 the television channels began to focus on entertainment programs and comedies. Since 2000 the TV stations were allowed to transmit all programs as they consider more appropriate. The Armenian Public Television and Radio became member of European Broadcasting Union.
  1. Amga TV is broadcasting live from California, US. The broadcasts are dedicated to Armenian living in [...]
  2. Armenia 1 went live on 29 November 1956 as the first public television station of Armenia. It [...]
  3. ARTN TV live transmission began in 1985. The broadcast are dedicated to Armenians and Russians [...]
  4. Shant TV started broadcasting live in 1994. It was founded initially in Gyumri but moved to Yerevan [...]
  5. USArmenia TV live transmission started in 1997 as Armenia TV. The name was changed in 2007. It was [...]
  6. Yerkirmedia TV went live in July 2003, initially dedicated to the Armenian diaspora. It went [...]

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