Canal Provincial

Last updated on October 27, 2012

Canal Provincial is also known as Canal 11 Provincial or Canal Provincial Telered. The channel is owned and run by the Argentinian cable provider Telered. The schedule consists of local programs. It is available in the areas where Telered features coverage like San Miguel, Malvinas Argentinas, Pilar, Escobar and Lujan. Canal Provincial live stream is available for free on their website.For more details on the TV channel, to watch the live stream of Canal Provincial online or specific information such as programs, shows or vod please check the official website. The TV online programming includes shows and programmes like La Previa, Mercado Inmobiliario, Podemos Cambiar, La Cartelera, Armonizate, Telered Informa, La Cartelera, Pelota de Cureo, Mundo Boca, Greco a Punto, Aqui y Ahora.

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