Angola TV Online Channels

Television in Angola is available since 18 October 1973, as TPA1, the first national TV channel was launched. It is owned and operated by the public broadcaster Televisão Pública de Angola E.P. (TPA) founded only 3 months earlier, on 27 June 1973.
  1. TPA 1 started its live broadcast on 18 October 1975. The TV channel is owned and operated by Televis [...]
  2. TPA 2 launched it live broadcast in 2000, 25 years after the launch of the first TV channel in [...]
  3. TPA Internacional was launched on air in 2008 as the international service of Televisão P& [...]

  4. TV Zimbo started its test broadcast on 14 December 2008. It was the first privately owned TV [...]

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