Albania TV Online Channels

Television broadcasted live in Albania for the first time in 1960. The public broadcaster television is Radio Telvizioni Shqiptar, abbreviated as RTSH. It was founded in 1938 and since that there were made several experiments in the area of television live broadcast. RTSH established three television channels, TVSH, TVSH 2, TVSH Sat. TVSH 2 focuses mainly on sport news and events. Petro Kita was the person who created the first TV center. This was a good start for the next experiments made to develop and to improve television broadcast. At the begging, people had access to live programing one hour, three times a week. Color television was introduced in 1981.TVSH Sat is available in Europe via satellite television services. In 1933 satellite television services were introduced and a few foreign countries were able to access the Albanian TV stations.
  1. ABC News went live for the first time on 25 October 2010. The channel features high quality [...]
  2. Albanian Screen live broadcast began in 2003 as Alsat TV. The name was changed into Albanian Screen [...]
  3. Channel One began its live broadcast on 7 March 2011. Although it is a new TV channel, its [...]
  4. Club TV is the television arm of the Tirana based Club FM radio station. The broadcast consists [...]

  5. Koha TV was the first private television to broadcast live in Tirana. The channel was owned by the [...]
  6. NTV began its live broadcast in 1998 as Neser TV. Its shareholders changed in 2003. Its schedule is [...]
  7. Rrokum TV went live in 2008. The channel is owned by Migjen Kelmendi. Rrokum TV live stream is [...]
  8. RTV Ora News live broadcast is available on the official website. Ora News programs are aimed to [...]
  9. Super Sonic TV live broadcast began in 1992. The Team at super Sonic TV produces high quality music [...]
  10. SuperSport Albania is headquartered in Tirana. The broadcasts consists exclusively of sports like [...]
  11. Tele Sport live broadcast started in August 2001. The channel is available in more than 70% of the [...]
  12. Top Channel live broadcast started on 30 July 2001 in the International Center for Culture in Tirana [...]
  13. TV Klan live broadcast started on 25 October 1992. It was one of the two private national channels [...]
  14. TVSH live test broadcast started on 29 April 1960 and was officially launched on 1 May 1960. The [...]
  15. UTV News was launched live in 2007 as UFO Education. The TV channel is affiliated to with the UFO [...]
  16. Vizion Plus live broadcast began in 1999. It was the first private television station in Tirana. It [...]

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