Afghanistan TV Online Channels

Television broadcasted live in Afghanistan for the first time in 1974 as Radio Television Afghanistan established 2 television channels Afghanistan National Television and RTA. Since 1996, television and music were forbidden in this country until 2001. Those who didn’t comply with this law were punished by prison. From 2001, television broadcasting became legal again in Afghanistan and all citizens were allowed to have a TV or to listen to music whenever they want to do that. The first two television stations based in this country started their live transmission again in 2002. In 2011, it is estimated a number of 75 television channels broadcast live in Afghanistan.
  1. 1TV went live in February 2010. It is widely known as Yak TV, which stands for One. The channel is [...]
  2. Afghan TV started its live broadcast on 21 May 2004. The headquarters are located in Kabul. Afghan [...]
  3. Ahl-e-Bait TV started broadcasting live in 2009. The channel was founded by Hassan Allahyari and is [...]
  4. Arezu TV live broadcast is aimed to support and promote the Islamic values and beliefs. It is and [...]
  5. ATN went live on 17 August 2005. The name stands for Ariana Television Network. The channel was [...]
  6. Ayna TV went live in 2004. Ayna stands for mirror in Turkish. The station is owned by Abdul Rashid [...]
  7. Hewad TV went live in 2006. Its name, Hewad TV means Country TV. The channel is owned and operated [...]
  8. Lemar TV began its live broadcast on 15 August 2006. It is the largest private terrestrial [...]
  9. Noorin TV is also known as NTV and began broadcasting live in 18 July 2007. Noorin TV is a private [...]
  10. Rahe Farda TV began its live broadcast on 1 March 2008. The live programming consists of news, [...]
  11. RTA went live as the first channel in Afghanistan in 1974. It is also known as Televizun-E-Milli [...]

  12. Saba TV live broadcast started in 2007. The channel is owned by the satellite television network [...]
  13. SATV live broadcast is dedicated to the Afghan people living in the disapora. The name stands for [...]

  14. Shamshad TV live broadcast started in 2006. Since most of the broadcasts are available in the Pashto [...]
  15. Tolo TV started its live broadcast in 2004. It is one of the first commercial television stations to [...]
  16. Tolonews went live in August 2010 as the first channel in the country exclusively dedicated to news [...]

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